The EPIC A3 is a radically new, no compromise firearm, designed with it’s mission in mind
and engineered with only the most forward-looking technologies available.
You won’t find a single thing on it, that doesn’t serve a purpose.


The EPIC A3 is designed from the ground up to be as compact and powerful as possible. The magazine was moved all the way to the back for perfect weight distribution and maximum space efficiency, making the EPIC A3 not just the shortest but also the best handling cal .50 rifle in the world.


The ultra-compact bolt of the EPIC A3 is a self-cocking striker design with an electro-mechanical trigger, allowing to be fired automatically from input of the ITF Scope or manually, even without any electric energy.


When the bolt hits the far end of the cycle, it locks itself into the RDC Ring, which holds the action open until the next round is loaded, all within a fraction of a second, ensuring a smooth, fast and low recoil cycle.


The blowback mechanism of the EPIC A3 is the longest in it’s class, compensating most of it’s own recoil through motion. The chamber is designed ambidextrous and splits in two parts, allowing empty shell to be ejected either left or right.
The EPIC A3 is chambered in 12.7x99mm NATO, turning a widely available standard issue round
into a long range “guided missle” to destroy materiel and personnel targets with a single shot.

CAL .50

Originally developed as a heavy machinegun cartridge,
the cal .50 found a second profession in the early 1980s
as a powerful anti-materiel sniper rifle round.

In the EPIC A3 some of the chemical energy of the 12,7x99mm round is converted by the TEC-Shield
and used by the SIS-Barrel to control the direction of the bullet, exchanging some of it’s ballistic performance for unprecedented accuracy, but still maintaining most of the power that made it famous in the first place.
Gain peace of mind knowing that with the SIS-Barrel all your bullets will find their targets,
so you can do more with less. 10 rounds, 10 kills, less waste.
Toploading mechanism allows for quick inserting or removal of rounds

Impact resistant, translucent polymer construction allows for rapid visual identification of approximate number of rounds remaining and makes the magazine both lightweight and reliable.

The magnetic “spring” made from a stack of repelling ferromagnetic plates can be compressed tighter and uses less space than a mechanical spring and doesn’t loose it’s force over time in loaded magazines.
The EPIC A3 is designed, machined and assembled in Germany, famous for
engineering quality, efficiency and a long history of innovative firearms.
We live by our company motto: “Your target is our target”


The complex organic shapes of the A3 often travel through all three axis at the same time to connect structural elements with the least material used while also providing enormous strenght and durability. This innovative design could only be achieved by designing all parts directly in 3-Dimensional space by using virtual- and augmented reality modelling tools.


Traditional CNC processes can not machine the continuous and complex parts of the EPIC A3 and ITF. Instead they are “3D Printed” with High speed Electron beam melting (HSEBM) from powdered material, ensuring fully dense, void-free and extremly strong components. A part like the ITF titanium body (left) is created layer by layer in a vacuum and finished by powdercoating with a protective paint.



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